Kali: Purple Lace Agate Amulet

Dancing Amulets

$ 160.00
Kali: Purple Lace Agate Amulet

In times of uncertainty and discomfort, the shapeshifting goddess Kali assures you that transformation is underway. A smooth purple lace agate supports your process, aided by amethyst, garnet, and gold hematine. 17 inches with gold filled lobster clasp, additional loops can be added upon request, please specify desired length in the notes section of your cart.

Handmade in NYC, your Dancing Amulet will arrive in an enchanted gift box with the following description of its magic:


The ever changing and shapeshifting goddess Kali is an ally in times of uncertainty and discomfort, assuring you that transformation is underway and encouraging you to be present with your feelings and your questions, to ride the chaos and claim your magic. PURPLE LACE AGATE is a stone of self-love, acceptance, and completion that will support you through change, help you to attain your goals, and guide you to whatever is next. AMETHYST soothes the psyche and awakens spirit, inviting the support of inner wisdom, promoting deep listening and healing dreams, and instilling trust in the voice of your higher self. GARNET, a stone of enduring love, devotion, and strength will be a constant, affectionate reminder to credit yourself for the wisdom you gain daily, the small wins as well as the big, and for the positive, nourishing energy you put into the world. GOLD HEMATINE grounds all the drama with humor, practicality, and optimism. 


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