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Rose Quartz Snowflake Amulet

Dancing Amulets

$ 125.00
Rose quartz is wrapped in an embrace of pink tourmaline woven with mystic labradorite, sparkling like snow, as unique as a snowflake, a love like no other. 14K gold fill chain with spring clasp and closing loops at 15.5 inches.

Handmade in NYC. Jewelry box included for easy gifting with the following description of the magic of your Dancing Amulets:

Rose quartz is the heart stone, the gentlest and the purest vibration of true love and acceptance. Labradorite is a link to a magical world of joy and inspiration: a guide into your own soul, towards what excites you now, to living with love for life, now. Pink tourmaline promotes the flow of love towards that which makes you unique: your desire, fulfillment, and joy, your heart expansion, your mystery, your delight.

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