Moonstone and Opal Woven Webs
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Dancing Amulets

$ 215.00
Moonstone and Opal Woven Webs
A single white iridescent moonstone, flashing rainbows, is ablaze with shimmering tiny peach moonstone and labradorite diamond cut beads. Her mate, a solid peach fire opal, a contrast in rich opaqueness, is similarly situated in golden peach light, on 14K gold filled hook earrings, 1.5 inches long.
Moonstone: intuition, awakening, abundance
Opal: strength, desire, fulfillment
Labradorite: angelic guidance, breath, presence
Your Dancing Amulets will arrive in an enchanted box with the above description of their magic printed on parchment paper.
Be well, be wild, bewitched!
Cast a spell with your DANCING AMULETS

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