Rutilated Quartz with Amethyst Fringe and Garnet Twist

Dancing AMulets

$ 130.00


Rutilated quartz pendants twisted with garnets and amethyst fringe, suspended from 14K gold filled ball and post earrings. 2 inches.
Feel like a shining star at full illumination with these bright sparks of light: rutilated quartz vibrates at a very high energy, imbuing every step you take with celestial majesty. A generous twist of delicious bright red garnets and lush amethyst fringe colorfully amplify your personal magic. The pendants are sisters, not twins! One is more bronze in its rutilations, the other is more clear.
 Dancing Amulets are empowered with magical energy to illuminate your magical spirit. They will arrive in a one of a kind enchanted gift box with the following description of their magic:

RUTILATED QUARTZ energetic cleansing, illumination, presence

AMETHYST spiritual attunement, motivation, peace

GARNET joy, beauty

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