Floating Azure Ocean Drops

Dancing Amulets

$ 215.00
Five breathtaking teardrops the color of an azure sea: blue quartz, cobalt quartz, and blue apatite float on a delicate 14k gold filled cable chain, three loops to adjust sizing at 16, 16.25, and 17 inches, with 14K gold filled spring clasp.

Your Dancing Amulet will arrived boxed and ready to gift, with the following description of its magic, printed on parchment paper:

Blue stones conjure the visceral spell of memory: taking you back to a place where you were captivated by the beauty of nature, exhilarated and at peace all at once. Close your eyes and remember the physical sensations of your memory, and relive all the emotions of the experience.   

Blue quartz, cobalt quartz, and apatite are stones supportive of peace of mind, harmony within and without, and joy and delight in what truly lights you up. Equally supportive of your shadow side, they are protective of your secrets, and offer attributes of magical awareness, clarity, and discernment.

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