Dancing Amulets

$ 215.00
Faceted smoky quartz pendants hang with glowing violet pearls and pyrite drops on a string of pyrite, copper hematine, and tiny rutilated quartz beads in varying shades of berry and plum

14K gold filled spring clasp, 16 inches

Additional loops can be added, please add a note to your cart at checkout!

Handmade in NYC, your Dancing Amulets will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of their magic, printed on parchment:

Smoky quartz is a gentle channeler of nourishing earth energy, connecting your physical body to your light body, infusing you with calm trust, and allowing you to surrender to the magic and inevitability of each moment as it happens. Glowing violet pearls invite you to occupy your liquid body, to access oceanic wisdom and experience suppleness, serenity, and a yielding to magic. Pyrite supports the purity of your intentions while attracting prosperity and increasing confidence, and tiny rutilated quartz stones cleanse your auric field, protecting you from negativity and aligning you with your purpose.

Be creative with this magical tool, the more you wear it, the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.

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