Dancing Amulets

$ 275.00
A yellow rutilated quartz is set is in a halo knitted with garnets, carnelians, citrine, and gold hematites. A sun and fire amulet radiating strength, confidence, kindness, and magic, fit for a queen on a gold fill rollo chain with garnet and carnelian rondelles, a lobster clasp, and three loops at 18, 18.5, and 19 inches.

Handmade in NYC, your Dancing Amulet will arrive boxed and ready to gift, with the following description of its magic, printed on parchment:

Rutilated quartz is a natural purifier of energy: expanding breath, diffusing light, warmth, and well being, instilling harmony and trust. Supported by the glowing strength, passion, and devotion of red garnets, the authenticity, integrity, and confidence of orange carnelians, and the purity of intention, hope, and joy of yellow citrines, this is an amulet for claiming your authority, your magic, your Queenship. 

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