Rubeena Ruby Mandala Amulet

Dancing Amulets

$ 275.00
Be where your feet are, with your heart aflame. Rubeena is a one of a kind magical tool destined for one magical it you?
A bright red ruby coin is framed by elegant black spinel and gold beads twisted together with wire and suspended on beaded chain popping with the black and red gemstones. 
14K gold fill chain with interspersed with a lobster clasp and five closing loops at 15.5, 16.25, 16.75, 17.25, and 18 inches.

Handmade in NYC. A handcrafted, uniquely enchanted box is included with the following description of the magic of your Dancing Amulets:

The magic of fire and earth together is that you can feel centered and secure wherever your feet are, while the flame of your spirit burns bright with desire, authenticity, and goodness. Ruby celebrates and sustains hard won, enduring self-love: acknowledging your wins and encouraging your ambitions, like a supportive friend who has your back no matter what. Black spinel's magic is practical energy that upholds independence, organization, and accountability. Rubeena is an affirmation of individuality, ability, and taking ownership of your magic.

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